Netronix E-Book To Have Touchscreen and Wi-Fi

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Taiwanese manufacturer Netronix is promising a new spin on an old idea: putting a touchscreen on an the EB-100, an E-Ink-based e-book reader. We've actually seen the basic design before, in the gen-3 Cybook by Bookeen. But there was never promise of touchscreen, nor anything said about 802.11g Wi-Fi, which Netronix is also offering. The rest of the specs are pretty straightforward: 6" screen, SD card slot, support for PDF, RTF, TXT, HTML, MP3, AAC, and some image files. But as much as I enjoy the Kindle, a touchscreen interface may really be what's needed to bring mass appeal to the e-book concept. You hear me, Jeff Bezos? [Product Page via Tecnogadgets]




I'd much rather have the Kindle's interface. I wouldn't want to have to move my hands off the device to tap around, let alone get fingerprints all over the screen of something I'm trying to read. The fact that I can control the entire kindle interface with my right thumb is fantastic and it's extremely fast too. I'm also a big fan of the tactile feedback you get from actually pressing a button. This is the same reason that I don't like touch screen phones, I like to be able to dial while driving without looking and I don't like to have to hold the device in one hand and tap the screen with the other. In any case, I was never really a big reader but I always aspired to be and the Kindle is actually making it happen.