A man found naked wandering along the Nevada border has been tased and arrested despite his claiming to be a Terminator sent from the future. We're a little upset that police would harm anybody this hilarious.

The 19-year-old, a Nevada native named Sean Stanley (we publish his name in hopes of honoring, not embarrassing, this hero) was wandering nude around the highway until he was ordered to stop by police—at which point he immediately headed into a crowded casino. He was tased by police there in the casino, in full view of a group of children (nudity and gambling, now there's a great family trip), despite his claims that he was a Terminator sent from the future, a wry reference to the Terminator films.


As it turns out, Stanley was actually stoned out of his mind on LSD and pot, though we don't have concrete evidence as of publication that he is not a Terminator. Stanley was charged with indecent exposure and resisting arrest by the police, and honored by us with the prestigious Tracy Morgan Award for Intoxicated Hilarity (hence the video accompanying this story). Congratulations, Sean! [Yahoo! via Geekologie]