New Apple iBooks and Minis- Ehhh

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I was kind of dreading writing about these new iBooks. It's not like they are any great shakes. It's a pair of G4 notebooks starting at $999 for a 12-inch model with 1.3-GHz processor and 512MB memory. Both of these, the 12-inch and the 14-inch, include Tiger, iLife '05, Bluetooth, and an Airport Extreme card. The Minis are the same except all of them have Bluetooth and Airport Extreme, now, which makes me angry because I bought one when the first came out and now I'm a pariah.they're a bit faster and the more expensive ones come with Bluetooth and Airport Extreme. The $499 one still comes with nothing.

Anyway, thank you reader Naoya for breaking me out of my anti-new iBook stupor. When these things can fly or run on hydrogen, maybe I'll get excited. Let's all save our squeals of delight for the iPod Video, shall we?

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