New Breed of Phones Carry Face Fetish

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Looks like mom won't be the only person to appreciate our face. NTT DoCoMo has created a cell phone (P930i) with the ability to recognize your face and lock down should someone else try to use it. You'll need to store three or more snapshots of your mug on the phone before it can "recognize" you, but once it's set it'll prevent thieves from using your phone. The phone can also lock itself down if it gets separated from you in a bar or in a cab. It's only available in Japan, but if face-tracking is more your thing. . .

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FotoNation is bringing Face Tracker to camera phones. Face Tracker is an app that can follow a person's face and pick out the best camera settings before you take your picture. We think NTT DoCoMo's face-recognizing feature is cooler, but we're biased. We lose our phone all the time.

NTT DoComo P903i [via AP]
FotoNation Face Tracker [via Sci Fi Tech]

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