New Colors for Motorola PEBL

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Four new colors have been announced for the Motorola PEBL: pink, green, orange and blue. If you'll remember, they've got pink versions of both the RAZR and SLVR out as well—please raise your hands if you ever thought way back in the StarTac era that Motorola would be releasing one pink phone, let alone three.


"We've gone from pink to whoa - leveraging our leadership in color and design to make the PEBL expressive and refreshing. This is a product you choose because you want it, not because you need it. says Jim Wicks, Motorola VP and Director of Consumer Experience Design. Hilarious considering that if all you really want a pink phone, there are two more stylish ones from the same maker alone. And cute as the PEBL is, we have no love for VGA cameraphones in 2006.

Four new colours in the PEBL palette [Gadget Candy]
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