New Details on the Asus C90 Notebook

As laptops notebooks get closer to becoming a viable desktop replacement, one factor limits them time and time again. Upgradability.

And like we told you a few months ago, Asus has heard the call of the modder and is releasing the first truly upgradeable notebook—the C90. What we didn't know is that it won't even come with a hard drive or a processor. That's right, Asus has such faith in your bargain-hunting abilities that it scrapped two of the most integral parts of the computer. Not only that but they also have included Turbo Gear software to let you over-clock whatever processor you decide on, up to 20%.


This truly could be the next mobile gamers wet dream/nightmare depending on what parts you go with. To get started it will cost $950 (If you trust Red Barn Computers Prices).

Asus C90 laptop announced [PC Launches]

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