New Digital Music Format, MusicDNA, Bundles Extra Content With The File

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Fighting back against the downloaders, a new music file format by the name of MusicDNA has been introduced by the people who created the MP3, which will bundle a heap of bonus content with the music file.

When downloading a song or album in the MusicDNA format, the buyer will also recent videos of concerts, album artwork and sleeve notes, blog posts and tweets from the band, and concert/merchandise information. It's all about giving the buyer a greater incentive to download legally, just like Apple's iTunes LP which was announced last year—though I've never met a single person who's actually paid money for some pretty digital pictures before.


The MusicDNA team has already signed deals with indie labels, so bands such as Radiohead and the Arctic Monkeys will soon be offering downloads in the format, though for how much, nobody seems to know. We'll start seeing a lot more about MusicDNA, with the launch expected to be spring time—but will a few videos and tweets make you give up BitTorrent for good? Nah, didn't think so. [The Guardian]