New Hire Brings Apple's Carbon Fiber Dream Closer To Reality

Illustration for article titled New Hire Brings Apples Carbon Fiber Dream Closer To Reality

So remember that time we saw that Apple had been dreaming up carbon fiber iPads in a patent? Looks like the idea's got some legs, if the recent hiring of Senior Composites Engineer Kevin Kenny is any indication.


Kenny joined Apple this month after spending 14 years at Kestral Bicycles, where he built—wait for it—carbon fiber bicycles. So where can he direct his attentions now? MacBook Air, possibly. iPad, even better. Or both: a full range of carbon fiber iProducts: lightweight, durable, sexy.


Either that, or we're about 18 months away from a magical, revolutionary... uh... bike. [9to5Mac]

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Much as I hate the look of carbon fiber (every time I see it I think of Fast & the Furious, rice burners and tuner cars that use it to an ugly extent), making a laptop/iPad/iPhone/iPod case out of it certainly would be interesting and cheaper than trying to use aluminum (the cost for that raw material has been creeping up as of late), and it could conceivably shave a few ounces off of the devices...I'm for it so long as it doesn't look hideous.