New iPhone Game Causes Retina Burns, “Pure iPwnage” to Blame—Watchdog Group

A consumer watchdog group issued a warning to the nation's mobile gamers today, urging caution when playing Archetype, an iPhone first-person shooter available in the iPhone App Store today.

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According to Americans For Restrictions on All Interactive Decadence (AFRAID), the multi-player FPS reportedly has a tendency to burn player's retinas particularly when played on Apple's iPhone 4, due to gameplay described as "pure iPwnage."

"The combination of the iPhone 4 Retina Display and Archetype is a witch's brew," said AFRAID chair Peter Cannolinnli in a statement. "We're talking about a game that increases its resolution on newer devices. This means grislier headshots, beautifully rendered weapons, vivid on-screen HUD and radar—in other words, stunning multi-player combat all over the place. iPhone 4 users don't stand a chance, now do they?" he asked.


Cannolinni also expressed concern over the game's price. "Archetype is only $2.99. No gimmicks or anything. That puts it squarely in reach of our nation's teenagers," he said. "Do you really want to come home and find your child's retinas peeled clean off his face? How would that make you feel?"

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AFRAID urges the country's mobile gamers to avoid clicking the App Store link to buy Archetype. "Don't do it," urged Cannolinni. "It's better to be bored than take the risk," he said.

Archetype: The best fragging deal on iPhone. Pure iPwnage, just $2.99.

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