New Leaks Claim Pixel 5 Will Launch at $700 Sporting a New Sage Green Paint Job

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Photo: Google

Ahead of Google’s Launch Night In event next week, it seems like everything is getting leaked, and following numerous sighting of Google’s upcoming smart speaker and Chromecast dongle, new info has surfaced regarding the Pixel 5.


While much of the Pixel 5's design and expected specs have been detailed in previous reports, Roland Quandt posted a new leak which appears to be an official promo image showing the upcoming Nest Audio speaker, Chromecast with Google TV, and the Pixel 5 in a new sage green color. Previous leaks only mentioned the Pixel 5 coming in two colors (black and white), so the appearance of this new sage green shade might mean the Pixel 5 will offer more variety than expected.

But more importantly, according to info from Jon Prosser, it seems a Pixel 5 with 128GB will be priced at $700, though it’s currently unclear if that will be the Pixel 5's starting price, as last the year the Pixel 4 did come with a less expensive 64GB storage option.

In addition to Prosser’s figure, noted leaker Evan Blass posted on Twitter that Canadian pricing for the Pixel 5 will be $800 for 128GB of storage, which when converted to U.S. dollars would peg the Pixel 5 at closer to $600. However, Blass mentioned that doing direct conversions from one currency to another can often result in inaccurate pricing, but either way, we’re almost certainly looking at Pixel 5 landing with a price tag between $600 and $700.

Nailing the Pixel 5's pricing is going to be critical if Google hopes to move a substantial amount of phones, especially with Samsung having just announced the $700 Galaxy S20 FE. Compared to the Pixel 5's rumored specs, which include a Snapdragon 765 processor, a 90Hz display, and just two rear cameras, the Galaxy S20 FE looks like the faster and more powerful phone in almost every way.

In the past, many have accused Google’s Pixel phones of being slightly overpriced at launch, with Google’s habit of discounting new Pixel phones just a couple months (or less) after release only adding fuel to that perception. So if Google wants to really grab people’s attention, I think the Pixel 5 will need to have a price tag of $650 or less.


But who knows, Google might still have a few surprises in store for the Pixel 5's official debut next week, so check back next week on Sept. 30 for more info and impressions.

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