The new MacBook Pros based upon the Santa Rosa chipset have been benchmarked. The results? The new MacBook Pro consistently edged out the old quad-core PowerMac G5 w/Geforce 7300 GT video card, winning in 4 out of 5 tests.


Still, it's fair to call the new laptops about even with the quad cores of yesteryear (better known as last year) because the results were so close. How does the new MacBook Pro compare to last week's version? It's much faster in 3D tests.

We attribute most of the speed bump to the new GeForce 8600M GT graphics processor, which pushed 50% more frames in Quake 4 and Prey. That GeForce card is a beast.

Hit the link for the full graphs and anomalies, including when the last gen MacBook Pro pushed more frames in the (unoptimized we're guessing) Halo 2.


RESULT LINK [tuaw] (sorry)