New Microsoft Campaign Claims: "I'm a PC, and Windows 7 Was My Idea"

The new ads for Windows 7 combine the "I'm a PC" person montage styling with a new punchline: "Windows 7 was my idea." And I'll admit, the spot works.

General complaints about Vista are cleverly masked behind a series of "want" and "wish" scenarios, making Windows 7 less the specific solution to Vista and more the divine manifestation of an abstract ideal—something an IT dork would beg a genie for rather than begrudgingly buy and install after Vista let him down.


It's a clever, forward-looking campaign. And I hope you like it, because starting today, these spots are going to be all over TV. [NYT via ZDNet]



No, Windows 7 was the idea of great marketing professionals, who could have called it Vista 2.0 #windows7wasmyidea