A staple of the franchise since the very first Monster Hunter, Felynes are anthropomorphic sentient cats that appear as crafters, cooks, and general tradespeople (tradescats?). But when a Felyne dons their own incredibly cute armor and joins a Hunter in the field, they’re known as Palicoes, doing everything from providing support and medical aid to actively taking part in fights alongside you. They’re also, as previously mentioned, just gosh darn adorable, and it’s great that Monster Hunter is going to pay homage to such a staple of the franchise. Even better, they’re doing it with the big boss Felyne of them all: the Meowscular Chef from Monster Hunter World.

This adorable little fella served as the Chef in the game’s hub of Astera, serving up massive meals with his Felyne sous chefs that provided buffs to Hunters before they went out on missions. Also, every cutscene of him making them was both hilarious and mouth-watering. But this time, it seems like the Meowscular Chef is going to be doing more than bringing the heat in the kitchen. We can see him in action in a recently-released Chinese trailer for the film below, but the new TV spot above shows him in action with a big ol’ sword of his own.

Okay, we’re back in love with Giant Swords again. Especially now that cats get them. Monster Hunter hits select theaters in December. We’ve yet to hear anything about VOD, but we’ll let you know if and when we do.


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