New Motorola Droid Razr HD Images Leaked in YouTube Videos?

Illustration for article titled New Motorola Droid Razr HD Images Leaked in YouTube Videos?

Is this the new phone Motorola is going to be showing off on September 5th? Maybe. The image above is taken from video tutorials that appeared on YouTube, showing what seems to be a new Motorola handset.

The account, revowii, has been taken down in its entirety. That could mean a few things—like it belonged to a production studio that jumped the gun, or maybe it's just a wholesale fake—but the timing is just about right for this. It looks about like we imagined it would, taking a few design cues from the recent Atrix as well. Which, you know, takes design cues from lots of other Android phones. [Droid Life via Verge]

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I've owned an iPhone 4 for the past year so I'm not really that up-to-par on the goings on in the Android world, but it seems to me that Motorola's Droid line has become kind of the seedy back-alley of the Android neighborhood, with Samsung, HTC, and even LG devices grabbing most of the attention. The O.G. Droid was THE flagship Android phone not that long ago. I used to use a Droid R2-D2, and I messed around with a Droid 4 in a Verizon store the other day and I find them both to be really well-designed phones, especially the keyboard. What gives?