New Old Spice Mandroid Ads Hilariously Embrace the Uncanny Valley

More often than not, man's attempts to clone itself through robotics has lead to the creation of unsettling, and downright creepy, automatons. So kudos to the folks at Old Spice, or at least its ad agency, for finding a way to hilariously embrace the Uncanny Valley through a series of commercials starring its newest hunk: the Mandroid.

And Old Spice doesn't just parody our attempts to make robots that look like human beings, it also lampoons how surprisingly incapable our humanoid creations are at simple tasks like walking, kicking a soccer ball, or even remaining upright. But as lame as Mandroid appears, he still seems like he'd be entertaining to watch while he woos the judges at DARPA's upcoming robotics challenge. [YouTube via Slashgear]



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