A few weeks ago we got our first look at the new Force Awakens Stormtrooper action figure, our first step into the wider world that will be the movie’s merchandising frenzy later this year. Even more pictures have emerged, revealing a fancy box for the toy, hinting that we might be seeing it even sooner than expected.

Jedi Insider have gotten hold on yet another Stormtrooper — presumably not the one that sold for one thousand dollars on eBay last week. A thousand dollars! For a figure that’ll be $25 and on shelves everywhere in a few months! Any way, that’s not the point: the point is that this new Stormtrooper also comes in some pretty damn fancy packaging, a step above what the Star Wars Black Series usually gets.

They also give us our first look at the Trooper’s accessory: Their new white-plated blaster rifle and a similar, stubbier pistol:


The figure is still very much the same (and awesome looking) figure that we saw from eBay, but this new packaging raises some questions. First of all, it’s kind of insane to be seeing in-box figures with the Force Awakens due to consume all toy shelves on September 4th. But secondly, this packaging is a hell of a lot fancier than typical Black Series packaging — and also completely different to the Black Series packaging shown off at Star Wars Celebration for the new TFA toys. It’s more likely that this new Stormtrooper is going to be an exclusive somewhere, released early to get people excited for the thought of buying even more Star Wars toys at a later date.

Presumably then, that place could only be the rapidly incoming San Diego Comic Con. I mean, what better place for new Star Wars merch to appear for the first time than the Mecca of nerd conventions?


If this Stormtrooper is an exclusive for Hasbro at the convention, we’ll let you know. I mean, after I’m done trawling eBay and crying at all the upmarked prices in an an attempt to get one for myself, that is.

[Jedi Insider via Jedi News UK]

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