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Sony has just released a new all-in-one PC bundled with an LCD TV. The VAIO VA TV-PC is available in a couple models: the VGC-VA10G and the VGC-VA11G. You can watch live TV on the 20-inch LCD screen, or if you want, you could record those shows on to the 250GB/320GB hard drive via the included Windows XP Media Center edition. The PC also features an Intel Pentium 4 processor with 3 or 3.2 Ghz, 1GB of RAM, WiFi, a Radeon X700 video card, and a DVD+R double layer/DVD+-RW drive. It also comes with 2.1 channel speakers and an A/V and S-Video ports, which can be used for transferring your old VHS videos over to DVD. These kinds of TV/PC combos are nothing new in Japan but are only just starting to penetrate the US market. Which is great — these would be excellent in tiny apartments or college dorm rooms due to its space-saving size.

The units will be on sale later this month at national retailers and at the SonyStyle store, and you can also pre-order them now. The VGC-VA10G is $1,999.99 each, while the VGC-VA11G is $2,199.99 each.


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