New Sony Vaio Laptops with Added Santa Rosa Goodness Leaked

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Sony is going for a pretty significant update of its laptops this summer. Pictured above is the 15.4-inch Vaio FZ19, which will use Intel's Santa Rosa chipset and integrated X3100 graphics card. There's also the TZ, a retread of the current TX series, which will be an ultra-portable number with 11.1-inch screen, and a refresh of the SZ4 called the SZ5.


July will see a couple more models - the CZ series, which boast a 13.3-iunch screen, and the CR, a 14-inch widescreen notebook. Both of these have unknown specs, but I guess we will know more soon. There's no picture of the TZ, which sounds like the most interesting of the lot, but its specs are after the jump.

TZ specs

integrated DVD-DL

2GB of RAM

100GB HD


Fingerprint scanner

Integrated WebCam


No prices either, I'm afraid.

Sony Vaio TZ, SZ5, FZ and CZ laptops coming this summer [PC Launches]

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I got a 'refurb' Vaio VGN at around 1200 bucks a year or two ago.

One of the memrory chips was flaky - but replacing - and niow its fine - I am struck by just how good it is and making DVDs, pulling video (via firewire) off my very old digital video camera and editing video into shape.

It does this all in Vaio Zone - their proprietary software and creates fully authored DVDs with chapters, etc.

An older Vaio I had - had a full Yamaha XG synth built into the sound card - very good for musicians.

Plus my laptop has the biggest, clearest screen of most I have seen - the battery life isn't great - but it is a very, very useful office/ video/ music editing/ photo library/ email/ web editing/ DVD watching machine.

So I basically don't agree. Plus to some designers - offers more aesthetic finesse than the Lego DUPLO visuals offered by Apple. (design for 3 year olds)