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New Toys Reveal Some of Into the Spider-Verse's Newest Spider-Heroes

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sony brought the gorgeous-looking Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse to Comic-Con with news that Miles, Gwen, and Peter would be joined by even more Spider-heroes—but because the footage was never put online, we never got to see them. Thankfully Hasbro showed up with some upcoming action figures from the movie to make up for it.

On Friday it was confirmed that Spider-Man Noir (played by the previously rumored Nic Cage), Peter Porker, the spectacular Spider-Ham (played by John Mulaney) and the Spider-Verse mecha-spidey SP//dr would all be joining Into the Spider-Verse, and Hasbro’s Marvel-packed toy panel gave us a first chance to see at least the latter of those spider-friends in their stylized animated form, starting with a 6-inch-scale SP//dr: or rather, Peni Parker (played by Kimiko Glenn) and the SP//dr suit:


It’s a pretty radical departure from the design Peni was introduced within the original (and excellent) Spider-Verse comics, but hey, it’s still a giant Spider-Man robot piloted by a young girl through spider-bite symbiosis. And that’s rad.

Meanwhile, our first glimpse at Spider-Ham came through a rather unconventional toy: a “Spin-Vision Spider-Ham” whose eyes change between various exasperated emotional states with a press of Peter Porker’s spider-snout:


Bit rude, really, but it gives us a great look at the aesthetic of Spider-Ham in the film, and it’s pretty faithful to the comics design, if a little more Porky Pig-esque.

That wasn’t the only Spider-Verse toys Hasbro had to show, though—while they didn’t get to show off the final look of Cage’s Spider-Man Noir, there will be a toy available of Noir’s Web-fluid-shooting guns.

Meanwhile, the 6-inch-scaled collector focused “Marvel Legends” line will get some representation for the movie in the form of the film’s mechanical take on the classic Spidey villain Scorpion joining Peni in the “deluxe” range, and a new Marvel Legends two-pack of Miles and Gwen, repaints of their current 6-inch figures with the movie’s suit designs. All the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse figures are due out in early 2019, after the movie’s December 2018 release.