Paper Girls - Official Trailer | Prime Video

It’s so cool to finally get to see more of the two warring time travel factions in action as the girls are chased into 2019. We think we recognize the voice and unmistakable hair as Jason Manzoukas playing the leader of the Old Timers, which is an inspired choice—we’re really interested in seeing some comedy favorites in this sci-fi realm. Also, love that Ali Wong gets to reimagine older Erin, who the girls encounter for help, in a more fully realized way than in the comics. And it seems we also get to see additional expansions beyond volume one of the comics for the television show, which looks like it will bring in other adult versions of the characters into the storyline sooner.


Paper Girls begins streaming weekly July 29 on Prime Video; in the meantime, check out our primer on the series for everything you need to know about the Paper Girls.

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