New Walking Dead footage introduces a bunch of new survivors

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Brand new footage from the second episode of Frank Darabont's The Walking Dead was screened at New York Comic Con. And what we saw were a whole lot of new faces not from Robert Kirkman's comic book.

Frank Darabont joined producer Gale Anne Hurd and Robert Kirkman on stage at NYCC to talk all about the new AMC television series The Walking Dead. Here are a few of the interesting tidbits they dropped.

Hurd announced that Fox International is now working with The Walking Dead and that they will be screening the series in about 120 countries. She also revealed that the TV series shot on film was on a Super 16. Darabont revealed that out of all of The Walking Dead characters, Michonne is the one person he can't wait to get to. "Striding out of the wasteland with a samurai sword with a couple of zombies attached to her. It's like a Spaghetti Western," Darabont said. Kirkman stated that The Governor was a character that he missed, and he loves that this show will explore the characters he hasn't seen in a while.


Now, on to the clips. The two videos made up 6.5 minutes of the second episode of Walking Dead.



It's an aerial shot looking down onto an overturned tanks surrounded by zombies. The undead are all feasting on what we're assuming is the remains of Rick Grimes' horse. Meanwhile inside the tank, Rick hears a voice over the radio, "You alive in there?" it asks. The young voice is clearly Walking Dead survivor Glen, but he doesn't reveal his name just yet. Instead, he gives advice the only way Glen knows how: by insulting Rick. He tells Rick to make a run for it and, under Glen's guidance, fires off round after round into the gruesome faces of the undead until he's pointing the barrel of his gun right into the face of a young Asian boy who then screams, "NO NOT DEAD NOT DEAD!" It's Glen! And it is an incredibly charged moment.


The two men scurry up a fire escape and survey the mass of walkers shambling after them. "Nice moves there, Clint Eastwood," Glen quips. "You the new sheriff? Yeah... You're still a dumb ass." Jumping from rooftop to rooftop, the two eventually stop outside of an alley and Glen radios that he's outside, has a guest, and 4 undeads are waiting.

A door to the alley busts open and two men jump out covered in pads and helmets from head-to-toe. Armed with baseball bats, they smash in the heads of the few surrounding zombies.


Once inside, WD character Andrea shows up and points a gun right at Rick's head screaming "you've killed us all." This is a new scene from the comic book, and it also introduces a host of new characters (about 4 new faces to be precise) and one of them is dressed like a cop. Andrea is losing it on Rick, still pissed that he made so much noise in the city; he brought a whole flood of zombies right to the front door of the building they were hiding in, some kind of department store. The group was clearly looking for supplies, but now they have to change plans as the glass is slowly buckling under the weight of the undead.


Meanwhile, back at an RV, Dale (played by Jeffrey DeMunn) hears a panicked call over the radio. It's the group stuck in Atlanta pleading with their friends to help them. Dale and Andrea's sister are panicked, supposed group leader Shane, is not. He states, rather decidedly that, "We do not go after them. We do not risk the rest of the group." People start to protest, there's actually a lot more people (including elderly people) in the camp than there were in the books. But Shane is not budging. He is the perfect anti-Rick.


All this and it's only the second episode. Walking Dead premieres October 31st on AMC.

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