New Xbox 360 Dashboard Experience Installable On Hacked Xbox 360s

Some leaky monkey at or near Microsoft has just dumped the new Xbox 360 Dashboard "Experience", also known as the fall update, onto the internet. For most of us, this means that that we've got new videos like the one above that illustrate some of the features we didn't get to see at E3. For people who have a hacked Xbox 360, it means they can actually install this and try it out for themselves, but risk brickage in the process. This reminds us of the story of the tortoise and the hare, except instead of animals you have super nerds that want to install stuff months too early. [Xhavok87 via Xbox Scene]


Behold! My Comment-inator!

you know what though... maybe it's cause i'm so used to the current 'blades' interface, or maybe it's cause i use my 360 primarily as a media beast, but either way the new dashboard seems a bit too coverflowerishy for me and i don't think it needs a radical change like this.

then again i'll probably be whoring it to whoever comes over and hasn't seen it yet.