"iPhone Frenzy"

[Eds. note: When we saw this live on TV it looked a lot worse. Now that there is video to review, it's obvious the guy was going for the microphone (listen carefully to the audio).] Newsweek's Steven Levy, one of the fantastic four of tech journalism, was nearly deprived of his exclusive review iPhone earlier this morning (around 9:25 AM, EDT) live on Fox News in front of the waiting hordes at NYC's midtown Apple Store.

As he prepared to demo the wonder device to the announcer a foolish would-be mugger jumped Levy and the camera man, taking them to the ground. As the Fox crew cut away, it was clear that police, the Fox crew and bystanders were taking care of the assailant. The in-studio Fox team appeared to fear (or hope for) the worse - full scale fanboy riot; the announcer was shaken. But Steven Levy, ever the pro, bounced up and delivered his prepared demo with sangfroid. For those concerned, neither the journalist nor the iPhone appeared to be harmed in anyway.


Did anyone capture video of the live, foiled mugging (either the Fox broadcast or live at the NYC Apple Store)? If so, please contact Gizmodo via the tipline: tips@gizmodo.com.

Guy Swipes Reporter's Mic During iPhone Live Shot [breitbart.tv]