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Newton's Cradle Is So Much Better With Motorcycle Helmets

You've seen Newton's balls before. You might even have one on your desk. You know, the thing that demonstrates energy transference. But I can guarantee you've never seen it in action like this before (truth be told, it was faked).


Sure, it's a promo vid for Shark's latest lid offerings, the R Pro Carbon and Speed R, but it does try to demonstrate that the new lids don't transfer energy like its competitors. Which, if you don't know by now, is something you want your helmet to do in the event of a crash. [Shark via Asphalt and Rubber]

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It might be worth checking out the Motorcyclist magazine article "Blowing the Lid Off" which investigated SNELL and DOT certification requirements. Effectively, it said that the SNELL requirements lead to helmets which are too rigid and transfer too much energy to the user (courtesy of the extremely rigid shell requirement IRC) and as such, a DOT only approved helmet is actually safer in most situations. It was a hell of a piece of actual journalism with sound science and reasoning and, as such, got the writer fired and lead to a big change in the magazine to becoming a simple tool for advertizing delivery rather than a way for enthusiasts to get good info (btw: that's my opinion of it, your mileage may vary).