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Nuts. That's the most concise way to describe the alleged specs of the next-gen PSP, according to VG247. Nuts! But sadly, these nuts may not show up in time for E3—or even 2010.

VG247's report comes from "multiple sources" which appear to be in game publishing, where a whole bunch of firms have apparently signed NDAs to start work on games for the new platform. The spec sheet reads like this:

• Dual cameras
• No physical media, probably
• It'll have a touchscreen, but it will have a similar physical button layout, too
• 3G! No, seriously, it might have 3G. Phones are becoming more like gaming handhelds, so gaming handhelds are going to become more like phones, I guess? Makes sense.
• A "fucking powerful" four-core Cell processor, like a miniature PS3 processor


Despite the impressive number of claims made here, there aren't that many specifics—perhaps tellingly, the one true spec, the four-core Cell processor, is the least believable of the lot. Handhelds are expected to have touchscreens now, a precedent has been set for a la carte 3G coverage, and physical media is obviously on the wane, so if the PSP2 didn't fulfill at least half of these predictions then it'll be DOA.

The weird part? Despite a spate of rumors suggesting it would, VG247's source is "99%" sure that Sony won't announce it at E3, and hints that it might not even ship in 2010. Yikes. [VG247 via Crunchgear]

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