The week might end, but new apps do not. And we've got all kinds of greatness coming at you this week—a shopping app, a TV guide, and more.


Basher's Presidents: If all the U.S. presidents of history got into a massive knife fight, who would be the last left standing? That's a very good question—one you can answer by downloading this adorably illustrated presidential history app that gives you a combination of essentially facts and fun but educational games. $1.99

Net-A-Porter: Oh those Lanvin sneakers look good. And if you can't wait to snag a pair for yourself, now you can buy your designer duds anywhere, anytime from your iPad from online retailer Net-A-Porter's new iPad app. You can buy shoes, clothes, accessories, and all the haute couture your closet can handle, just in time for fall.


NextGuide: The guide on your television is a piece of crap. You have to scroll through titles of shows and nothing sticks out. NextGuide is trying to reinvent that by linking up with your cable account and offering up a few of your favorite shows, actors, and interests, all arranged in a grid. Unfortunately, just Hulu and DirecTV are supported. Free

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