Nic Cage Whiteboard Somehow Makes Nic Cage More Insane

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Sure, you probably already have photos of Nicolas Cage hanging in most if not every room of your home. But Nic is so much more than a single shot can convey, and even a hundred of these approximations is an insult to the depth of his character. The Nicolas Cage Hairstyle Whiteboard, however, finally offers the flexibility you need to feel like Nicolas Cage is right there in the room with you—watching, furrowing his brow, and screaming incoherently at only the most appropriate times.


Because even though Nic Cage's facial features are trapped in this black and white outline of the Man himself, he can still reach the full range of expression you've come to know and love, as you can style his hair as much and as often and as weirdly as you like. So friends, believe me when I say, I know why the Nicolas Caged bird sings; it's because he loves his new haircut, which can be picked up for a mere $20 here. [Topatoco via @Digg]

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If you want to make me truly angry, give this to me as a gift. If there is one actor I hate, it is Nic Cage.