Nicholas Deleon Says Goodbye To Gizmodo


Time flies when you're having fun, or so the cliché goes. When you're not, my God does it go by slowly. Hence, I, Nicholas Deleon, am leaving Gizmodo. Adios.

I started here as an intern in December, 2005. John Biggs, Giz's editor before Brian Lam hopped aboard, hired me. We're now friends. I'm "Uncle Nick" to his son and I regularly flirt with his wife. It's great.

Through "hard work" and "discipline" (that is, getting up at 6 a.m. every day to throw up a few posts before heading to class) I eventually climbed up to the rank of associate editor. Of the current staff, only Travis and Charlie were here when I started. Looks like Gizmodo has grown up. Good for Giz.

But you know what? I'm tired. I'm tired of writing about gadgets every day, generally speaking. Like Joel Johnson pointed out a few weeks ago, what's the point? Why do we need to be so hung up about whether or not a company adds an "x" to a camera's name? Are we so untroubled so as to care so much about that little "x"?


So I want out of this gadget world. It's silly.

The good news is that I'm young yet. I turned 21 one month ago to the day. I still have time to do something more meaningful with my life and career. That's the plan, at least. Going to NYU surely doesn't hurt.

And to those who would insinuate that this has anything to do with that whole Rojas incident from last week, please. Enough. I'll give you Brian Lam's AIM so you can ask himself yourself to see if I was "pushed out." He even said I can return whenever I want. (Again, ask him.) Though I doubt I'll take him up on that offer. I'll be damned if the incident didn't finally convince me that the politics of blogging (oh, and they are plentiful) are so ordinary that I could no longer, in good conscience, continue to be a primary participant in it. Why people have such a "Gizmodo sucks, Engadget rocks!" or vice-versa mentality I'll never know. There's no reason to be so small, folks.


In the meantime, I've since reunited with John Biggs over at CrunchGear. It's more laid back over there; I have fun in the chat room. (Blake's mom jokes never get old.) Yes, it's still gadgets, but it's only for a short time. I can see the light at the end of this gadget tunnel. Once I finish school in a year's time I'm going to try to do something noble. I really want to, at any rate.

So that's it. Should you want to, you know how to contact me. I now return you to your regularly scheduled unpantsings.


My temporary group home [CrunchGear]


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As someone who wrote about videogames for many years, I totally know what you mean!

I've also been thinkin about the gadget world lately too, and how there's always some cool sounding tech in the near future that I'd love to have.

With a TV for example, I could spend years waiting for all sorts of things on things HDMI 1.3, 120hz, SED etc... but in the end it's all just little things, for example is waiting and the extra money really worth it to see smoother pans? Will it make a movie that much worse without it? Maybe I should just spend the extra money if I had it on a bigger screen.