Nokia 5300 XpressMusic Video Hands-On, Bonus Videos Included


T-Mobile took the time to throw a so-so party here in New York yesterday to celebrate the launch of the Nokia 5300 XpressMusic cellphone. We were able to get some one-on-one time with the phone itself, of which our resident video dude took plenty of footage. Here we see the phone's UI and the song transfer interface. The 5300 feels kinda like a toy—very light, rounded edges and almost rubbery. It certainly has a "feel" about it. I'll be doing a music phone showdown of sorts later in the week, so more in depth impressions will show up there. In the meantime, enjoy this and a few other videos from the evening.

The party itself was just OK. It was entirely too loud for my tastes and the Teddybears, um, stunk.

But here's the story of the night: It seems Peter Rojas of Engadget fame is too cool to wait in line like the rest of us had to. Sure, we were standing in the drizzle for 30 minutes but not Rojas. He just strolls in like he owns the joint. Rojas is a line cutter.
[Ed. Note: It would be a cute story, except there was no line for press. Press events have no lines. I never wait in lines either. Apple Keynotes aside, but even Mossberg and Pogue wait in those. Nicky, was this a line for the bathroom? Because I wait in those all the time. Some people take forever to pee. -B.L. ]

UPDATE: For some who care, it's worth noting that John Biggs of Crunchgear, and Gizmodo Editor Emeritus backs up the story that there was a line, and that Pete did get to waltz in. I still believe that a little line cutting is the kind of system hack that I enjoy. Who has the time? We have gadgets to blog about! -B.L.
UPDATE 2: Actually, it's been confirmed that anyone on the press invite list could have walked into the event directly without standing in line if they'd just talked to the TMO rep on staff that night. This is the stupidest post I've ever been engaged in.-B.L.

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Sic Tr4nsit

I cant help but feel that the face of it looks like a throwback to 2001.