NightCove: Sleep System for Suckas

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As soon as somebody called this NightCove lamp a "sleeping solution," we knew we were in for some majorly expensive hooey. The idea is that a combination of different-colored light and some noises can put you to sleep and wake you up.

The purveyors of this lamp have put together soothing marketing materials that conjure up some wonderful, energizing and miraculous benefits, and it's all "based on medical and scientific research." Yeah, junk science.

How about this sleep solution: Turn off the lights, close your eyes, go to sleep. At $2300 for each one of these alarm clock/lamps, they urge you to buy two. Don't.


Product Page (pdf) [NightCove, via Coolest Gadgets]

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Dont Know Me? You Are Me.

Charlie, I can understand that it's not worth doing your homework on a single blog post.

You are almost completely wrong on the science. There are many controlled clinical studies done by neuroscientists around the world proving that our body clocks (circadian rhythms) respond to different wavelengths (colors) of light, allowing for manipulation with artificial light sources. The general rule is blue light for waking, and red for going to bed. Biologically, this makes sense — think about the sunrise and sunset. There are very few studies on the effects of sound, however.

The thing that is objectionable about this product isn't the idea, it's the price! WTF?