Nightwing sets up an encounter with Deathstroke in this cool Fan Series

Youtuber Ismahawk (aka Danny Shep) has kicked off a pretty lavish short series based on DC hero Nightwing - and it's basically Arrow on a tighter budget, right down to showing off the protagonist's Abs. Hooray!

The first in the five-episode series made its début yesterday, with the rest of the episodes landing on a weekly basis, and sees Dick Grayson relocate from Gotham to Bludhaven, on the trail of Deathstroke - who is going around decapitating people and generally being a bit of a mercenary douche, as he is wont to be. There's even a cameo from IGN's Greg Miller as a newscaster lamenting the inaction of the Justice League!

There's some slightly rough edges in the eight minute short, particularly in the effects work during Deathstroke's violent fight scene, but it's more than made up for with some great direction and some lovely production design (Nightwing's costume in particularly looks very nicely done). Makes you want Dick to get his dues on the small screen, just like Oliver and Barry are.


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There is a Titans series in the works starring Dick, isn't there?