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It seems that Nintendo have developed a camera for its DS system - although it will not be built-in to the portable console. Gaming company Intelligent Systems is developing a game called Adult Face Training, which teaches people the discipline of facial exercises. And do you know what? I think this one is for the lay-deez...


Adult Face Training, or Otona no DS Kao Training, as it is known in Japan, is being endorsed by facial exercise guru Fumiko Inudo. It is expected to come in packaging very similar to the kind of stuff that make-up comes in. As well as the camera, which connects to the DS's GBA port, the game will come with a stand that you prop the Nintendo up on, making it look like a mirror.

This game, launching in August, won't just attract the better sex, though. I'm looking forward to the Wi-Fi gurning competitions that will no doubt become crazy-popular as soon as it launches, and the sight of suited and booted men throwing crazy face-aches on the subway each morning.


Nintendo DS to add on camera - will debut in Japan first [New Launches]

* OK, not true. That will be the Nicole Kidman edition only.

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