Nintendo DS Opera Browser In Action

It's in Japanese, but it gives you a good idea for when Opera browser support comes out for your DS. The browser makes good use of the dual screen by zooming in on selected sections or having one tall screen separated in the middle. That sound you hear is the stretching pants of excited DS owners the world over.

DS Opera browser in action [Pocket Gamer]

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Dear Nintendo,

In exchange for the US release of a shiny black DS lite and an English version of the DS Opera browser, I will gladly give you:

a) My slightly (ok, heavily) soiled immortal soul

b) All of the blood in my body save that which is necessary for me to function well enough to keep my Brain Age @ 20.

c) Any one of my Nintendog's toys/things she's found on the street.



P.S. If you could do something about that lameass friend code thing, that would be super.