Nintendo Not Slashing Console Prices

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Bad news, bargain hunters; Nintendo has gone on record saying there are no imminent price cuts for the Nintendo Wii or DS. Satoru Iwata, the company's president, said he did not believe in the "model" of price slashing, as it tends to leave early adopters feeling a little disheartened. Though we do agree, surely early adopters are well out of their honeymoon phase by now? With Nintendo's profits soaring to new heights, they're not exactly looking for a quick dollar, so perhaps the move makes a little sense. Still, Nintendo is not expecting to make as much cash on DS hardware sales in the coming year, which means there are a few more eggs in a Wii basket somewhere. The exact DS stats breakdown like this:

The big N anticipates it will shift 28.0 million DS units from now till March 2009, which is a reduction in the numbers sold in the previous year, where 30.3 millions units made their way to sweaty palms everywhere. Personally, I think Nintendo have their figures wrong; it'll be 28,000,001 units, as I left my DS on a flight I took yesterday. Life sucks. [Associated Press]

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@mricyfire: Well, I play my Wii every day, and so do all the people I know. Not one person I know has sold or traded one.

Oh but wait, I forgot... anecdotal evidence doesn't mean a damned thing.

Cold, hard numbers sure do, though. See, what's happening here is that a clear platform is emerging worldwide, and eventually, diversity in the library will increase, and there will be games on the Wii that you'll want to play. This is far from hype, it's a movement.