Nintendo Switch Update Brings Button Remapping, Easier SD Card Transfer, and Animal Crossing Icons

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With Nintendo’s latest update for Switch, the console is getting some much-needed changes.


Update version 10.0.0, which was released this week, finally introduces a feature to let users move downloaded games to an SD card from the system memory, and back, to free up memory without having to redownload them (though Nintendo does note that save and update data can’t be transferred).

Additionally, Nintendo added options for remapping the controller buttons on Joy-Con, Switch Pro, and Switch Lite. The feature supports up to five favorite custom configurations on the Switch Pro controller and each Joy-Con, as well as five on the Switch Lite. Also, while a small thing, you’ll now be able to control Play Activity from User Settings rather than Friends Settings.


Version 10.0.0 also introduced a bookmark feature to the News section of Switch, allowing users to bookmark up to 300 news items (though you’ll need an internet connection to access them later, and the feature won’t save items that are no longer available).

Lastly, for all you Animal Crossing: New Horizons nerds, Nintendo introduced 6 new icons for your user profile image. Users now have more than a dozen options to choose from—including in-game favorites Flick, the bug-nerd lizard boy, and CJ, an endearing beaver who runs the Fishing Tourney.

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Can you associate the button mapping profiles with specific games?