Nintendo Teases the Possibility of More Adaptations After the New Super Mario Movie

Mario chasing an accessory in New Donk City.
Mario chasing an accessory in New Donk City.
Screenshot: Nintendo

One of the more shocking things to come out of genre films as of late was the reality that Detective Pikachu was actually a ridiculously solid movie—the sort of video game film that properly demonstrated that video game adaptations don’t have to be bad. Apparently, Nintendo has taken note of this development and is considering trying to catch lightning in a bottle again.


Generally speaking, it’s best not to try and read the tea leaves left by corporate earnings calls and briefings because they don’t always directly correlate with things that end up coming to fruition. But that’s not to say that the details that come out of said calls and briefings aren’t worth mulling over, if only to think through what The Brands might be considering to unleash next.

From the sounds of Nintendo’s most recent corporate management policy briefing, the company is very seriously considering multiple ways in which it can capitalize on its video game IP outside of the realm of games. It’s not surprising, per se, but it is interesting to hear that Nintendo isn’t afraid of trying to make video game movies happen.

“We have also already embarked on multiple other visual content expansion projects, and are pursuing further opportunities,” Nintendo said in a section of the document referring to 2023 and beyond. “Going forward, visual content expansion initiatives may not be limited to film. The scale of our investments will vary based on the type of project, but we will continue to invest in these entertainment expansion initiatives to increase the number of people who have access to our IP.” The company also gave an update on the next planned Super Mario movie.

“Another way we are delivering Nintendo entertainment to a wider audience is with the Super Mario CG-animated movie which is scheduled for theatrical release in 2022,” it also says. “Production is moving ahead smoothly, thanks to the collaboration between Chris Meledandri, founder of CEO of Illumination, known for the Minions movies, and Nintendo’s Representative Director and Fellow, Shigeru Miyamoto, who is serving as co-producer. The movie will be distributed worldwide by Universal Pictures.”


Outside of the plumber, Nintendo knows it’s sitting on the rights to a whole slew of characters beloved by literally millions of people and, in the right circumstances, can become the centerpieces to stories that don’t involve actual gaming. Popular as animated series like Castlevania have become, Nintendo has to be considering just how all else it can cash in on the IP it’s got, and it’s going to be very, very interesting to see how the company executes its vision going forward.


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I’d be skeptical if it was any company other than illumination handling this. I think it’ll be high quality, and I look forward to what they do with the legend of Zelda.
I also look forward to all of the manbabies complaining that they’re not making said Legend of Zelda movie in the style of their favorite in the series.