Nintendo: We Could Be Stuck With the Wii for 8 More Years

The Xbox 360 is less than halfway done, and the PS3 is a "ten year" console. But what about Wii? Satoru Iwata says new hardware could come "three years from now, five years from now or eight years from now."


Dear lord. Eight years with no HD and a processor that won't allow the new Super Mario Bros. on Wii to feature online play?

On the HD front, Iwata says, "If we have an opportunity to make a new console, it will probably support HD because it is now common throughout the world. However, as far as the Wii is concerned, we have not found a significant reason to make it HD-compatible at this time. What is the significant meaning to the users? I don't think we should do it unless we find that reason."

Ashcraft notes that Japan stops analog broadcasting in 2011, so he's suspecting we'll actually see a new Nintendo console sometime before—so more like three years. [VentureBeat via Kotaku]


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