Nintendo Wii Price Cut Confirmed? $199 This Sunday

So those rumors that the Wii will drop $50 on Sept. 27 are looking increasingly like a done deal. An internal memo from an anonymous Best Buy tipster backs-up the claim, and says Nintendo will make things official this Friday.


When you think about, it's amazing that the Wii has motored along for three years at $250. But it's clear that Nintendo has to do something. The 120GB PS3 Slim is $300, the 120GB Xbox 360 Elite is $250 with rebates, and 250GB bundles for both are strongly rumored to be around the corner.

My Wii just kind of sits in the corner all lonely these days. If you don't have one, is the new price enough to make you pick one up? Or will you just hold out until 2011 for the next-gen Wii with HD graphics? [Engadget]


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