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Tomy have brought out a dozen official Nintendog beanies which whine or bark when you press their left ear. They're quite cute and they are less annoying than the DS game, which, during my short tenure as a Nintendog owner, drove me menkle. That AWFUL muzak. The suburban surroundings. In fact, the only things I liked were the crazy Mario Kart toy and the stars that came out of my puppy's head when I praised him. Anyway, Cliché (for that was my Nintendog's name) died a horrible death while we were on honeymoon. Good.


I wonder if these puppies are real-puppy-proof - if so, then our four-month Border Terrier, Jones, is getting all 12. It might stop him going to work on my shoes, rugs, MacBook cable, kitchen floor, toes, or the postman. It won't stop him peeing on the bed, though.

Product Page [Anytoys via Ubergizmo]


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