A lot of news outlets are enraged about tweets by Ammon Bundy, the leader of a group that’s currently “occupying” a bird sanctuary building in Oregon. The only problem? Bundy doesn’t have a Twitter account.

Last night an account called @Ammon_Bundy compared the Bundy militia’s campaign to Rosa Parks. Yes, it would be a shocking comparison, if this tweet were real. But it’s not.

The account was created on January 3rd and has just 54 tweets, which should be the first red flag that it’s not Bundy. The guy seems to prefer Facebook, like any middle aged, red-blooded American would.


MSNBC reporter Tony Dokoupil is on the ground in Oregon, and confirms that the account is fake:

Dokoupil even confirms that he was standing right next to Bundy at the time those tweets went out. It’s definitely not him.


It also seems odd that Ammon Bundy’s alleged Twitter account would use a screenshot pulled from one of his videos. The dude surely has a better picture of himself. But that hasn’t stopped news outlets from reporting on the Rosa Parks tweets as if they’re real:

So be skeptical of any tweets you might be see coming from supposed Ammon Bundys in the future. He might join Twitter one day, but as of today, all those Ammon Bundy accounts are fake.

Update 2:30pm: It appears whoever is behind the account has admitted that it’s a fake. The goal was to prove that the “MSM [mainstream media] will fall for anything.”

For what it’s worth, many of the tweets were verbatim quotes from Bundy. Hilariously, while admitting the account was fake, the user screwed up their own username.

(AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

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