At 470m (about 1,500ft), the Kurilpa Bridge in Brisbane is one of the longest footbridges of its kind and so eco-friendly that it generates more energy than it uses for its lighting system. Oh, and it's kinda pretty.

I'm glad to see that it's finally open for business because the way the Kurilpa Bridge was designed definitely enforces the green "Hey you! This bridge is made for walking" attitude:

The energy-saving lighting system will be powered by 84 solar panels that collectively generate a daily output of about 100KWh and an average yearly output of 38MWh. The solar energy generates supplies 75% of the power required to run the LED setup in the fully lit mode, but in most lighting configurations, 100% of the energy required will come from the solar panels. Surplus electricity generated by the solar array will be returned to the main grid.


How green and pretty it is aside, does that criss-cross design remind anyone else of pick-up sticks? [Ecofiend via kTreehugger]