No One Cares About HD?

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

This from the NY Times today:

According to a recent survey by Frank N. Magid Associates, the number of people buying [HD] sets who are looking forward to watching television shows in hi-def format has actually declined, to 47 percent from 63 percent two years ago. And while nearly half of current owners of HDTV sets said that their main reason for buying one was to watch programs in HD, only 25 percent of those now shopping for the sets feel that way.


How could this be? From my experience, everyone who sees HD has a tough time going back. Even though I receive a bajillion channels, like many other HD owners, I frequent the 10 or so I receive in HD most of the time. Is this decline because of a general lack of HD programming? Or is it because the late-ish adopters aren't buying the sets for HD, but for other factors like flat-panel design and compensation for tiny reproductive organs?

The Hat Trick That Didn't Happen [NY Times]

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For me, I only buy a TV when I -=need=- one. The old one breaks or isn't economical to repair... outfittng a second room with cable (and I have digi-cable)... stuff like that. I'm not going to buy a new TV because there are a bunch of shows that look a tad different or better, especially if the cost of said tube is 10-20 times what it costs to replace a curent tube.

I don't buy this "Dude, it just looks so much better in HD, man." argument. It's like saying that everything tastes better if you take marijuana beforehand. Might be true, but is that a reason to start snorting dope before every meal?

If buying an HD set meant that I didn't have to see so many freakin' ads with the content, that might play into a decision to go HD, but that just ain't going to happen.

I got a buddy who builds HD trucks for remote unit TV production — you know, the trucks that you see parked outside of sports venues on game night. He told me that I'd go HD like everyone else, and that I'd be forced to buy a digital TV.

What a bunch of hooey.