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No One Cares About HD?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This from the NY Times today:

According to a recent survey by Frank N. Magid Associates, the number of people buying [HD] sets who are looking forward to watching television shows in hi-def format has actually declined, to 47 percent from 63 percent two years ago. And while nearly half of current owners of HDTV sets said that their main reason for buying one was to watch programs in HD, only 25 percent of those now shopping for the sets feel that way.

How could this be? From my experience, everyone who sees HD has a tough time going back. Even though I receive a bajillion channels, like many other HD owners, I frequent the 10 or so I receive in HD most of the time. Is this decline because of a general lack of HD programming? Or is it because the late-ish adopters aren't buying the sets for HD, but for other factors like flat-panel design and compensation for tiny reproductive organs?

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