No Price Cut For Wii

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Reporters learned a valuable lesson in economics when they asked Nintendo president Satoru Iwata if there would soon be a price cut for the $250 Wii, to match recent cuts for the competing PS3 and Xbox 360. The answer? Hells no!

"We're still focusing on how to meet booming demand," Iwata said Friday. "We're absolutely not considering a price cut."


Any reporter still out of the loop on that should call their high-school econ teacher. [AP]



For the people who don't like the 'novelty' of the remote can just bite me. There is very few games where the controls rely on the swinging of the remote—and even then the movements that you need to make them activate takes no more effort than flicking a booger from your finger.

STOP BEING LAZY! Or at least complain about it if you had to actually do something.

Not to mention that the Wii can do so much more than just games. I downloaded this application called 'PimpStreamer' which was used for streaming movies and things to your PSP. Guess what? Works great on the Wii! Also works on the 360, but with the Wii you have a pointer. Click, play, enjoy. Awesome.