Genius comes in all shapes and sizes, and in this case it's a cylindrical 16-ounce water bottle called the Hydros that features a brilliant access port on the side of the cap that lets you fill it from the shortest of taps, or shallowest of sinks. No longer do you have to craft a makeshift funnel with your hand, or horror of horrors, only fill your bottle halfway.

The door covering the side panel stays completely sealed when the bottle is upright, so there's no spillage. And a twisting cap lets you drink from the top of the bottle, so you don't have to hold it sideways and shotgun your hydration. The $28 Hydros bottle also comes with a built-in filter, but if you're topping up from a sketchy water source it will only remove nasty tastes and smells, not the contaminents that will make you sick. And after every 150 refills you'll need to swap it out at $10 a pop. [Hydros via Gearculture]