No Worries, Your Crackberry Won't Go Black

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If you've been following all the dealings that RIM is having with the law these days, you may be worried that your trusty Blackberry may not be worth its weight in raisins if an injunction is slapped on the company for copyright infringement. But RIM Co-Chief Executive Jim Balsillie says not to fret. In fact, he promises that if the company does get hit with an injunction to stop service, it has come up with a software upgrade that is sure to work around the patents.

Balsillie said RIM has not implemented the "workaround" sooner because it has just been completed. He said the company has been extra conservative in ensuring that it does not infringe on any of NTP's patents. "We've done it in a way that we don't think there's a compromised experience, period," he told investors in New York.


Ok Jim. We gotcha.

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