Nokia Confirms Ovi Maps Will Appear On Android, But Will That Be A Nokia-Branded Android Phone?

Why'd Nokia give away Ovi Maps for free to other OS users? Unless they're...planning an Android phone themselves? We've already heard whispers they're to release just one Maemo device this year—and they can't possibly survive on Symbian alone.


Greig Williams, who is Nokia's general manager for the Alps and South East Europe, told the Austrian newspaper Die Presse that porting Ovi Maps to Android and Windows Mobile "will be the next step."

It'd be crazy of them to release their free turn-by-turn navigation service on other operating systems, unless it was all some grand scheme to woo consumers back to Nokia, so I'm reading into Williams's comments that Nokia's working on devices running Android and Windows Mobile. There. I said it. Perhaps it's not the end of Nokia after all. [Die Presse via Electricpig]

Update: Our early morning hysteria has just been crushed. CRUSHED. Nokia told Engadget that Williams was misquoted by Die Presse and they're in the process of taking the quote down. So, to be clear, they are NOT going to be releasing maps for the other platforms. Way to ruin the fun, Nokia.


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