Nokia Is Doomed, Pt. III: Profits Plummet By Two Thirds

Matt declared their latest, greatest salvo in the smartphone wars a wide miss, and analysts chimed in to say that yes, Nokia's high-end prospects are grim. Well, Nokia's second quarter earnings are in, and boy, are they gruesome: profit is down 66% from the same time last year, market share is basically flat, and product-wise, there's no obvious cure on the horizon. [WSJ]



I think the point here is that Nokia is doing okay as a company, but their high-end smartphones are in danger. If they continue churning out phones running Symbian without making big changes to it, their reputation is going to fall as newcomers like iPhone, Android, and WebOS make them look old fashioned.

Symbian is still significantly more advanced than the others, feature wise, but people are starting to decide that usability experience is more important than raw capability, and that spells bad news for S60.