We're not the only ones who think Nokia is doomed if they keep turning out smartphones like the N97. Generator Research says that Nokia's smartphone marketshare will plummet from over 40 percent today to only 20 percent by 2013.


They predict that Apple, on the other hand, will hit 33 percent marketshare by that point, matching Nokia sometime in 2011—just two years away—with 77 million phones.

That scenario, though, depends on some awesome conditions for Apple (think about 77 million iPhones!) on top of some truly horrific ignorance from Nokia, letting the smartphone market go almost entirely with a half-assed defense of its position as it focuses on profits from its mass volume low-cost wares in developing countries.

I don't really think it'll get that far, honestly, even if that's sorta kinda what Nokia seems to be doing right now. Besides, when have we ever listened to analysts? [Generator Research via Electronista]


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