Nokia, Microsoft in Talks to Load Windows Mobile on Phones

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Nokia, who's supposedly super loyal to the Symbian platform, is currently in talks with Microsoft (says one of Microsoft's marketing directors) to load Windows Mobile on the handset maker's phones. Here's what Nokia already uses of Microsoft's: ActiveSync and PlayReady, but like an anxious teenaged lover, Microsoft is working "closely" with Nokia and wants to "go all the way." It's too early to determine whether or not you're going to be able to buy a Nokia with WinMo on it, but it's all but guaranteed that they'll still be selling phones with Symbian—so no worries S60 fans. [itwire]

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@archercc: MS has been working a long time to get WM adoption up and yet they remain at the back of the pack while other new entries into the smart phone market come in with elegant interfaces and/or open-source customization.

RIM had success with the enterprise-targeted approach, but that was when there were fewer smart phone options. I have an extremely hard time believing MS will take over RIM, much less Android (once open-source software customization and upgrades are easy, free and frequent) and Apple (as consumers continue to flock to the iPhone, corporate networks will have no choice but to support that platform). I expect RIM will continue to lose market share to Apple/Android as well but they should be able to hold and leverage their lead for the foreseeable future.