Nokia's N73's main feature is of course, the 3.2-megapixel camera. The camera has a Carl Zeiss auto-focus lens, which makes taking pictures a snap. The shutter works the same way as standard digital cameras, with the "auto-focus" part activating when you press the button halfway, and capturing the picture when you press it down all the way.

The other features are similarly impressive: The Nokia S60 3rd Edition OS, 3G UMTS on 2100MHz band in Europe, EDGE compatibility in the US, miniSD slot, QVGA screen, second VGA camera on the front for video conferencing over 3G networks, stereo speakers and great reception. There's three different color schemes this cellphone is available in: gray/plum, white/red, and white/mocha.


As of now, it's not available in the US, but can be purchased unlocked for use on US GSM providers.

Nokia N73 [Mobile Tech Review]

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